Ether Theory or Relativity Theory?



This website was created in June 2001. It has dealt from ellipsoidal wave propagation in an luminiferous ether. The hypothesis in agreement with H. Varcollier and L. Gooris was:

 The one way speed of light is dependent on the system speed v and on the emission angle fi in relation to the direction of motion

formula one way speed                                                                                   (1)

The two way speed of light is the harmonious average value from equ. (1) for toward and away. At constant system speed v it has the equal amount for any emission angle

formula two way speed                                                                                         (2)

and explains as far as the figures go the " zero result " of the Michelson - Morley experiment, comparable the assumption of a Lorentz contraction.

Conclusions after 5 years internet presence:

There was not an indication to the existence of ellipsoidal wave fronts (with the exception of Fresnelís Ellipsoid in anisotropic materials), and there was not a professional repetition of my ultrasonic experiment.

Thatís still my conviction:

There is a luminiferous ether and an exact identical Michelson-Morley experiment with sound in air must have the same result.

But the wave fronts in moving systems are obviously spherical and not ellipsoidal. That requires a new hypothesis and new experiments with a better degree of accuracy.

Norbert Feist, 2001/06/11                                                        Last changes: 2006/06/04

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